Building legacy through the gift of creativity

Building legacy through the gift of creativity

 There is Beauty in the Struggle

Our Company has been through many ups and downs these past few years but we aren't giving up. Our faith, family and community is a very important factor in why we are continuing to strive to grow our brand, reach new customers and build new innovative structures to break into other areas of the Natural Personal Care Market and be successful.

Why our products

If this is your first time hearing of Made Bath Store, it may be because we went by our manufacturing name which is Fourth Dimension Brands. Fourth Dimension Brands is our Manufacturing Sector. We make all of our products in house. We know exactly what is inside them, where they have been, whose hands touched them and what benefits they can provide to our customers and their families. Visit our ingredients page to see an extensive list of all of the ingredients we use in our product collections. We are competing for not just finances or customer base but for the trust of generations to come, longevity and to be an essential household name. Our vision is someone’s hope!

We are Chicagoan's

Our Business is home grown and centered around Chicago culture. We have spent time with every type of personality, spoke with multiple business owners and entrepreneurs and what we gather from our interaction is that Chicago is home to the relentless spirit of hustle and grind. Restaurants, Hotels, Festivals and not to mention all of the beautiful ever growing architecture, but one thing that is missing is the visibility of minority family owned business operating in local communities that are not minority. Whats also missing is the respect, desire and urgency to support the need for dynamic change in family structure, poverty and access to quality household essentials like Fresh Markets, Safe Household Personal care and Cleaning Products. People are part of our mission and our faith in God allows us to keep pushing to make our vision a reality. Its not just about our family but your families as well.

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Thank you & God Bless


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