The truth about LYE

The truth about LYE and WHY

Many people ask can you make soap without LYE?

Well lets start by asking what is lye?

Lye is Lye but when you speak in terms of the periodic table and scientific name its Sodium Hydroxide.(chemical formula NaOH) used to make bar soaps and lye can also refer to the potassium hydroxide used to make liquid soaps.

Is LYE Natural from the earth. You betcha,

LYE is the result of extracting wood ash. In ancient times when making soaps, People performed all day processes of burning wood, gathering the ash of the wood and soaking it in water then cooking it. 

In order to make soaps, you need to have the process called saponification to occur. This is where the LYE(Alkaline),and Oils, chemically react to create soap. 

Sooooo to answer the question, no you cannot make true soap with out LYE. There are cleaners available but they are synthetic detergents, that are full of man made, potentially and proven harmful chemicals.


So, do our soaps contain lye? No, the finished product does not contain any lye but lye is used in the soap making process.