Sustainable Non-Toxic Plant based ingredients

Made Bath Store is committed to providing bath & body care products that are sustainable and contain Non Toxic ingredients. 

How Made Bath Store Maintains Sustainable products - Our products are formulated with forethought and intention. Our concerns are the safety of our customers, their families and our company's carbon footprint. We ensure that the human body is being cared for safely and that none of our sourcing, producing or the use of our products, impacts our planet negatively. 

Examples: Are products contain ingredients that are manufactured and extracted from plants, minerals and additives such as charcoal, Indian healing clay and herbs. The ingredients once formulated into a product such as our natural bar soaps or our soothing body balms are redistributed to the earth through our water filtration, sewer and garbage disposal systems and compost on their own without creating harmful by products or residue. Truly biodegradable.

How Made Bath Store Maintains Non Toxic Ingredients - Our products are formulated with plant based, organic and therapuetic grade ingredients. We never use Synthetic preservatives, therefore our products do not contain sulfates, triclosans, parabens or any of those other harmful chemicals in commercial brands that no many people cant pronounce.

Parabens: Parabens are a group of chemicals widely used as artificial preservatives in cosmetic and body care products since the 1920s. Parabens can act like the hormone estrogen in the body and disrupt the normal function of hormone systems affecting male and female reproductive system functioning, reproductive development, fertility and birth outcomes. Parabens can also interfere with the production of hormones.

Triclosans: Triclosan is an ingredient added to many consumer products intended to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination.Triclosan is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. That means it can harm your endocrine system, leading to issues with proper hormone function. Some animal studies have shown that exposure to high amounts of the ingredient may cause a decrease in certain thyroid hormones.

  Sulfates:Sulfate is a broad group of mineral salts found in many places, so it's hard to avoid.Sulfate particles are part of PM2. 5, and so they have health effects similar to those from exposure to PM2. 5. These include reduced lung function, aggravated asthmatic symptoms, and increased risk of emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and death in people who have chronic heart or lung diseases.

What are Preservatives: A preservative is a natural or synthetic ingredient that is added to skincare to protect the formulation's integrity and the health of your skin. Preservatives prevent skincare 'going bad' either due to bacterial growth or chemical changes that compromise the effectiveness and stability of the formulation.

Well how do we preserve the quality and effectiveness of our products? We mean it when we say "We do it naturally" Natural preservatives for cosmetics aren't exactly rare. Ingredients like salt, sugar, and coconut oil – common natural preservatives – often play recurring roles in our formulas.